Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get to the lodge from the airport?
How many people can stay in one room?
Are children allowed at Cheetah Ridge?
Is there a swimming pool at the lodge?
Is there WiFi in my room?
What does my rate include?
When is the best time to visit Cheetah Ridge?
Will I see the Big 5 at Cheetah Ridge?
Do I need vaccinations to visit Cheetah Ridge?
How can I manage my allergies at Cheetah Ridge?

There are two ways to get to Cheetah Ridge from the airport or anywhere else within South Africa. 

  • Self Drive – You can rent a car or organise your own driver to bring you to the reserve. 
  • Car Transfer – We can pick you up from either Durban or Johannesburg International Airport. Please contact the Cheetah Ridge team to organise this.
  • Air Transfer – We can arrange a private plane journey to Ladysmith from Johannesburg or Durban. Please contact the Cheetah Ridge team to organise this.

Each room at Cheetah Ridge has a different capacity.


  • Luxury Suite – Max. 2 
  • Inkosi Suite – Max. 2
  • Family Suite – Max. 6
  • The Farmhouse – Max. 10


Small children may be able to be accommodated for in a luxury or Inkosi suite. Please reach out to the Cheetah Ridge team for more information.

Absolutely. Every guest, whatever age they are, will leave Cheetah Ridge feeling as if they were safe at all times inside of our fenced lodge site. Children will get to see some of the world’s most loved animals up close, learning about them and their habits and habitats from our experienced, engaging guides.

In addition to the safaris and on-site recreation such as swimming and yoga, children will also be able to learn of the significance of Cheetah Ridge in modern-day South Africa and the battles that have taken place on the grounds of Cheetah Ridge.

There is a swimming pool at Cheetah Ridge, it is open year round although you may not want to swim in the chillier months.

The Farmhouse at Cheetah Ridge also has its own plunge pool that you can enjoy within the private grounds of The Farmhouse.

Yes there is! There is fast WiFi in every room and throughout the Main Lodge at Cheetah Ridge. 

All of our room rates at Cheetah Ridge are fully inclusive of 3 meals, all house wines, local spirits, beers and 2 game drives per day.

Spa treatments, curio purchases and airport transfers are excluded from the room rate.

There isn’t a “best” time to visit Cheetah Ridge or South Africa in general, it all depends on what you are looking to experience during your visit. Each month of the year brings something different and all offer amazing experiences. 

November through to March is known as our “green season”. These are our summer months, with temperatures up to 40ºC/104ºF, and we also get the highest rainfall in February and March both coming together to make luscious greenery across the reserve.

Dry season is April through October, temperatures are lower 26ºC/79ºF, you can see further into the bush as the grass is dead and most of the trees lose their leaves, the animals are also more concentrated as they have gathered at watering holes to drink. 

Cheetah Ridge is situated in Nambiti Private Game Reserve which is a Big 5 game reserve. It contains lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo however these animals are completely wild and are able to roam all 23,000 acres This means that we cannot guarantee animal sightings but our experienced guides and trackers will make sure to give you the best experience possible no matter what.

 We recommend that you consult your medical practitioner to ensure your safety, should you have underlying medical conditions that you need to manage. If you will be traveling to Cheetah Ridge from a country that has a risk of yellow fever transmission or if your journey requires that you spend more than 12 hours at an airport in a country with risk of yellow fever transmission, during your journey, you are legally required to have a Yellow fever vaccination (this applies to all travellers from 1 year olds and upwards) and you may be required to produce the certificate. Please refer to this guide to understand which countries this applies to.

Nambiti Private Game Reserve is a malaria-free zone, so guests can arrive knowing that malaria is not a risk at Cheetah Ridge and they need not bring malaria tablets.  

We ask all guests to let us know whether they have any allergies or intolerances both during the booking process and on arrival at Cheetah Ridge. Our Chef, and their team, can easily accommodate different food allergies as long as we’re aware what intolerances guests may have.

Guests that have allergies to fur and animal hair can manage their proximity to an animals at the lodge and our experienced guides will manage proximity out in the reserve.

We avoid peanuts in our cooking, where possible, however do we use other nuts. We are fully trained in HACCP to ensure optimal food safety management and there will be a separate, designated area where all nuts will be handled and stored.

Please do bring anyl antihistamines that you use to alleviate symptoms from pollen and grass allergies.

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