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A visit to the Cheetah Ridge will make relaxation come with ease. Unwind in the Ingulule Spa with a deep tissue massage or a cleansing facial to tone and smooth your skin.

Crystal Ball Massage

Warm blue lace agate or polychrome jasper crystal balls are used in this treatment. Which focuses on unblocking energy pathways, increasing blood circulation and promotes lymph drainage. Boosting energy levels and stimulating the immune system.

Tri-touch Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment aims to release the lactic acid in the muscles, reduce inflammation and release tension. This massage uses hand techniques combined with a energy pathways, increasing blood signature tri-touch and heated baobab seed Phindas leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

African Head Massage

This treatment focuses on the acupressure points of the head, neck and shoulders, this traditional treatment will focus on relieving tension, headache pain, improving circulation and promoting hair growth.

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